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We are litigation and trial attorneys with more than eighteen (18) years of trial experience, including many successful jury trials.  We practice in the courts of appeal.


Our practice includes appeals of all kinds, administrative and appellate writs, arbitrations, business litigation, bankruptcy adversaries, probate and trust litigation, and civil litigation in the state and U.S. District courts.


Need to sue the government?   We sue the government.

Received an adverse ruling?  We litigate in the appellate courts - state & federal.

In a contract dispute?  We handle contract disputes.

In a real estate dispute?  We handle real estate disputes, too.

Involved in a bankruptcy, or need to file one?  We practice in the bankruptcy courts.

Someone "make a federal case out of it?"  We litigate in the US District Courts and are licensed to practice in every federal court in the State of California as well as the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Need to sue someone or a company in a different state?  We can help you.

Want to intervene in a class action?  We intervene in federal and state class actions.

Have a cannabis (marijuana) related business?  We have been helping dispensaries

     and growers since 2012 with dozens of cases successfully litigated and resolved.


We also handle:

  • Commercial landlord/tenant disputes;
  • Appeals of all types;
  • Nuisance claims;
  • City / county "zoning" actions;
  • Partner, contract and business disputes;
  • Trademark issues;
  • Writs of mandate to stop government oppression, and
  • 42 USC 1983 Civil Rights litigation.


We help:


Our clients are biomedical companies, medical manufacturing companies, small businesses, international businesses, burgeoning businesses, trusts, health businesses, cannabis businesses, private persons, doctors, lawyers, other professionals and judges.


Call us for a consultation.  Talk is cheap; we get results.

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California, Minnesota and Washington State.

Attorneys admitted to all local State and Appellate courts in Washington , Minnesota and California, and all local United States District Courts.

Trial Litigation and Civil Advocacy

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